KEANEGARDENEUR: A small family run business was established in 2003.

Keanegardeneur introduced Nitrile/Elastine Gardening gloves to the UK Gardeners at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2003. Following the success and demand for the gloves we have been regular exhibitors at all the RHS and main Gardening Shows throughout the UK. We also have a loyal following of customers who visit and purchase from our website shop regularly.

Image © Ali Graham (www.aligrahamphotography.co.uk)

About our products

Nitrile gloves were born from their use in technology and medical fields. The combination of the nitrile coating over an ergonomically designed elastic fit glove has changed how we can use a glove to garden. Nitrile is the leader in hand protection offering superior puncture and chemical resistance.

You will experience amazing dexterity and in addition all our gloves are breathable (keeping your hands cool) and washable (wash in warm water and line dry).

In 2012 BAMBOO GARDENING GLOVE : Keanegardeneur introduced the Nitrile/Bamboo Glove to the UK Gardeners. The glove has a knitted liner made from 68% bamboo content and a high quality nitrile dip liner and palm. It is also breathable and washable and is a great glove for all seasons in the garden.

THERMAL GARDEN GLOVE: Nitrile Dip Textured fingers and palm with a knitted Coolmax Brand material which is designed to keep your hands warm in the autumn winter months without the bulk of a latex/cotton glove. This glove replaced our Latex and Cotton lined Therma Fit glove which was slightly bulkier and less dexterous than the  new thermal glove with Coolmax .

KIDS STUFF GLOVES: Made from the same materials as the Nitrile/Elastine Atlas 370 Glove and manufactured to a similar high standard.

PRODUCT INFORMATION : Showa is the Manufacturers Name for the 370 Glove.
Atlas is the brand Name for the 370 Nitrile Glove. Keanegardeneur is the Distributor name.

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